We are an investment casting and CNC machining manufacturers' representative that provides OEMs and ODMs with  customized investment casting, CNC machining, and metal finishing services

AIM Contract Manufacturing is the OEM/ ODM investment casting and CNC machining manufacturing representative of JYMI Ltd. A specialist in investment casting and CNC machining, we work with international OEMs and ODMs to transform their designs into high quality and affordable products while helping clients reduce lead time and improve forecasting. Founded in 1984, our focus on mass production of parts, components, dimension controlling, quality control, and inspection through investment casting and CNC machining has helped us retain a solid customer base for over 30 years and maintain our ISO 9001 certification since 1998.

JYMI Factory History


  • Factory was founded

  • Obtained initial capital investment of US$ 1.42 million

  • Hired 100 employees



  • Obtained ISO 9001 certification



  • Second round of capital funding amounting US$ 1.45 million



  • Restructured the first building



  • Established the machining department



  • Upgraded the wax recycling system



  • Restructured the second building

  • Upgraded the high-frequency furnace

  • Enhanced green operations by introducing heat power recycling system



  • Obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification



  • Added metallographic microscope



  • Constructed additional laboratory

  • Built QA measuring room

  • Added pro-cast analysis system


Our investment casting, precision CNC machining, and support centers span Taiwan and Japan

Taiwan investment casting and precision CNC machining facilities

Investment Casting Facility

CNC Machining Facility